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We're committed to the highest level of customer service...

Since 1974, ADMINS, Inc. has been providing its customers with quality software products and the highest level of customer service. ADMINS develops and maintains:

ADMINS Unified Community (AUC)Financial ManagementRevenueHuman Resources
Built by and for municipal professionals, the ADMINS Unified Community is a robust suite of software applications that enables municipalities to serve their citizens faster and more efficiently. With the integrated set of financial, revenue, and human resources applications, AUC easily accommodates connections with other 3rd party applications.

AUC immediately adapts to a municipality’s current business practices by readily accommodating the latest federal and state requirements, the implementation of new labor agreements and flexibility with other 3rd party applications.

At ADMINS, we are committed to the highest level of customer service. Our customer references attest to the commitment and dedication of our support staff. We invite you to take a closer look at how ADMINS can help you today. Please contact for additional information.

ADMINS ToolkitADMINS Toolkit
A comprehensive collection of database technology tools designed specifically with the applications developer in mind. With its many easy-to-use and easy-to-customize features, developers are able to quickly build robust and scalable applications.

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