ADMINS Toolkit

Rapid Application Development

The ADMINS transaction processor provides a fully customizable interactive data entry and query environment. Applications developed using this tool can be optimized for any business activity or security requirement, from “heads-down” data entry in the back office to kiosk type queries made by the general public.

The ADMINS transaction processor enables the developer to tailor the look and feel of the application within the Microsoft Windows™ framework by choosing the font, colors, buttons, menus, user help, data formats and validation criteria that the “application consumer” will experience. The transaction processor is further augmented with a powerful integrated scripting language that provides event handling, access to a myriad of “built-in” callable modules, and “open-ended” integration via shared libraries to routines written in other programming environments.

ADMINS also provides a complete set of integrated processing and scripting tools for the design and execution of automated processes (for example, for periodic posting and reporting procedures). These tools are easily incorporated into the design of interactive web-based applications.

ADMINS provides flexible “hooks” that work both ways for comprehensive applications interoperability. Developers can make calls to externally programmed (C, C++, FORTRAN, etc.) routines from ADMINS applications, or utilize interfaces ADMINS provides to access ADMINS data from external programming environments.

ADMINS includes a completely integrated Dictionary tool that allows developers to build, organize, and use the metadata for all applications within their organization. The Dictionary catalogs the data types, edit masks, labeling, and validation criteria for all applications in a single location and offers concise “where-used” analysis quickly and directly.

ADMINS’ Application Menu subsystem allows developers to design integrated menus to control application access based on Windows™ authentication, and provides developers an attractive prompting mechanism to guide the user through run-time input requirements. ADMINS’ Reporting tool has two interfaces: developers can prepare “dedicated” standard reports that fulfill fixed organizational requirements, and they can also create create individualized “reporting environments” for users, so the user can generate ad hoc reports “on the fly”. All reports generate results that incorporate user-supplied and/or automaticallysupplied run-time parameters.



ADMINS Installation Instructions (pdf)