What our customers are saying:

What our customers are saying:

We take our support seriously. This is why, at ADMINS, Inc. we measure our customer support response time in minutes; not hours or days!

Our in-house experts provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. In addition to having access to our expert technicians, we also offer a wide range of:

Every call is logged in a Central Relationship Management system so we can easily monitor the status and resolution of your issues.

Our customer support team is your front-line response. They have the authority to escalate your issues to our design, development and QA teams. This means that there is no red tape in getting the answers that you need – quickly. 

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What our customers are saying:

What our customers are saying:

What our customers are saying:

To Wendy: 

Slick !!!  Avoids redundant TR coding and making an adjusting journal entry in the GL for a minor reclassification detail.

Thanks for precise and timely support.  

-- W. S.


I’ve been occupied on another project, but just wanted to reach out. It’s always great working with you.  You’re able to interpret and understand our requests better than most vendors.  And the turnaround time is more than efficient!

Thanks again for all you do for us throughout the year.


Thanks so much for your prompt response and help with this, Wendy. Even though this wasn’t an Admins issue, getting the prompt information that you guys hadn’t added or changed anything helped me find the correct troubleshooting thread quickly and your engagement throughout the process was very reassuring.


---S. G.



Thank you!!!!

In case someone has not told you lately…..You guys are awesome!!!

--C. G.


Thank you Anthea !  I knew why the issue was happening I was just hoping you had a way around it.  Thank you for this it worked out just great!

--M. M.


Wendy, this was perfect. I appreciate all of your hard work on this. 

LuAnn, Theresa, thank you very much for stepping in during Wendy's absence today. I felt immense pressure in getting this done as the employee was told by my supervisor it would be done last Friday then today. Thank you all for assisting in having this completed today. 

--P. L.