ADMINS Unified Community (AUC)

 Built by and for municipal professionals, the ADMINS Unified Community  (AUC)  is a robust suite of integrated software applications that enable municipalities to serve their citizens faster and more efficiently.

Modules include:

ADMINS Toolkit

 The ADMINS Rapid Application Development Toolkit is an integrated suite of resource-efficient executable images, each designed to handle a specific class of business process.  

This is a comprehensive collection of database technology tools designed specifically with the applications developer in mind. With its many easy-to-use and easy-to-customize features, developers are able to quickly build robust and scalable applications.

  • All components fully customizable
  • Interactive Data Entry and Query environment
  • Integrated processing and scripting tools
  • Integrated Data Dictionary
  • Integrated Access Control and Menu Generation
  • Ad hoc and Dedicated Reporting environments
  • Flexible “hooks” for applications interoperability